We believe in practicing all training in a fair and consistent manner as our methods will rely on your dog’s natural motivations.  We love helping pet parents discover ways to understand, communicate with, and appreciate their dogs.  We will closely evaluate your dog’s situation, personality, and training needs to design a customized training program.

Free Initial Evaluation

Before beginning any training at Four Paws, your dog can be evaluated by one of our trainers completely FREE of charge. It’s an important step in determining which training approach your dog will respond to the most.

This pre-training evaluation of your dog will enable us to determine your pups:

available for Puppies and Adults

Day Train Program

Personalized training, through socialization and private one-on-one sessions throughout the day.  This program includes daily updates via text or email with photos and pointers for how you can continue the work at home.  We will focus on basic obedience, manners and socialization.  We use positive behavioral training techniques to build your puppies manners and confidence.

This program is essentially a “board and train” program, except without the boarding.  This allows your dog to get the training benefits of an intensive program while allowing for your pup to go home nightly and for you to keep practicing the work at home as well.

The main benefit of day care for training is that more commands can be taught and imprinted in a shorter period of time. This is done by doing multiple training sessions 3-5 times each day depending on the age and attention span of your dog. Between training sessions, your dog will have structured days with micro-group playtime, puzzles and smart toys. This program is very similar to our board and train programs except your dog will be at home with you at night.

10 Consecutive Days

Sit, stay, leash walking manners, place, recall, jumping manners, crate manners

15 Consecutive Days

Sit, stay, leash walking outside with distractions, place under distractions, recall under distractions, jumping manners, down, leave-it, crate manners

20 Consecutive Days

Sit, stay, leash walking outside with distractions, place under distractions, recall under distractions, jumping manners, down, leave-it, crate manners, Outdoor manners (Patio, store, outside)

Board and Train

Basic Obedience

14 Day Program

Intermediate Obedience

21 Day Program

Private Lessons

Private lessons at our facility or in your home can be the ideal way to start your training or bring focus to particular problem areas. Our trainer will work directly with you to overcome your training challenges and meet (and exceed!) your goals. Each private lesson is tailored to your dog’s individual needs and can cover a wide spectrum of topics and behavioral concerns.

As a courtesy, we ask for 48-hour notice for the cancellation or rescheduling of any private training sessions. Any sessions cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48-hour notice may be subject to the full charge of that session based on the trainer’s discretion. All prices are subject to change without notification.


1 Private (in-home)


4 Basic Private Package


Intermediate Private Package


Advanced Private Package


Behavior Modification Package

Training Add-on to Lodging


Our Stay and Train service provides all the standard boarding services, plus an individual session with one of our trainers to work on basic obedience training or we can tailor the add-on service to your specific needs for training. Select one day for enrichment or every day for more specific work and fine-tuning during their stay. You will get a report card to update you on your dog’s play and train time!.

Please Note:

Stay and Train is a way to give your dog a mental and physical outlet while staying with us. Depending on the length of their stay and how many sessions you choose will vary with what results can be provided. If you are interested in boarding and training options, please see our board and train information!