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Our Mission

About - Our Mission

At Four Paws, we don’t just follow the standards for dog care services—we elevate them. In major ways, like creating play groups tailored to your pet’s personality and play style and through small gestures like remembering their favorite toy to play with.

Our History

About-Our History

Four Paws was founded in 2016. We’ve been operating in our current Downtown District of Lombard location since January 2017, which is located on St. Charles Rd. and right across the street from the Metra Station.

Paws Before Profits, Guaranteed

Founder & Owner

Danielle Daidone

It’s not hard to see how Danielle first became a dog person. Two weeks before she was born, her family adopted two German Shepherd puppies—she understood their amazing nature and relentless love from day one. 

It was at some point, sitting at her desk in a corporate office and thinking about what training technique she wanted to work on with her dogs next, that she realized how she actually wanted to spend her life. Her first idea was a dog walking business, but you know what they say—you need at least a few flops under your business belt before you can build something successful. From those long walks, battling leashes and mouths eager for treats, Four Paws was born. It was a family effort.

When Danielle is busy with pups, you’ll probably catch her mom on the phone when trying to book an appointment. Or her dad multitasking with tools to make the next repair in one hand, and a furry friend stealing pets in the other. Her two sons love to attend the staff meetings for the snacks and theme days with our pack.


Laura Daidone

After being a stay at home Mom to three children I got back into the workforce as a personal trainer which segwayed into a fulfilling career as a massage therapist and business owner for about 10 years. When the kids were young we had a few German Shepherds and one Papillion (my 40th birthday gift), then the kids started bringing home dogs like my middle daughters brussels griffon/poodle mix called Johnny Cash and a good ol boy stray mix my son named Charlie. The next obvious career move for me was to go and work for our veterinarian! I enjoyed a 20+ year career with two different vet clinics as a receptionist, vet assistant, and eventually management. Then enter my eldest daughter Danielle, with a dream of owning a family run Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility. By now, I have two more fur babies of my own, Rico and Clyde who can now join me as I travel to Lombard each morning to help support and make more dreams grow and come true in my new career as Mom-ager (as Danielle is apt to call me). It has grown and changed into a wonderful place to finish out my career surrounded by family, friends, my dogs and yours!

Head Trainer


Rachel spent the majority of her childhood training and showing dogs starting at the age of 6. She competed with her Border Collie, Colt, starting in 4H and onto other venues like AKC, UKI, Skyhoundz, and CPE. Rachel has competed all over the United States taking home placements in AKC agility junior nationals, CPE nationals, and is a 3 time IL obedience champion. Rachel has been professionally training dogs in Chicago for five years and has a wide range of experience from teaching basic obedience, behavioral modification, dog sports, puppy manners, and more! Rachel has known she’s wanted to train dogs ever since she was a young child. Her passion is to help owners unlock the true potential in their dog and create a happy, confident, and reliable dog.

Rachel currently owns a border collie and a border whippet who will be debuting this summer in frisbee and agility! She is excited to be able to work with you and your dog!



JJ Davis

JJ Davis is a certified dog trainer, an expert in on- and off-leash training. She has loved dogs her entire life and has worked with many doggies, including the challenging Xander! JJ loves all sorts of dogs – big and small – but she especially loves helping new dog owners learn how to train their pups.

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